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      Carriage Bolts

      Carriage bolts are among the most popular bolt options, whether you’re working in construction, at an industrial operation or at a military establishment. When you choose Bolt Demon as your source for carriage bolts in bulk, you’ll find a bolt inventory that includes:

      Make sure you’re getting the right carriage fasteners for your upcoming projects or ongoing needs when you choose the vast selection you’ll find at Bolt Demon.

      What Is a Carriage Bolt?

      Carriage bolts are traditionally used to fasten metal components to wood components. Known also as coach bolts or round head square neck bolts, carriage fasteners are recognizable by their mushroom-style heads. They also feature a self-locking square portion on the shank immediately below the head, followed by an unthreaded portion and then a threaded portion down the rest of the shank.

      The heads of carriage fasteners are typically shallow, giving the bolts a near-flush protrusion that makes them especially helpful in situations when space is tight. Of course, there are plenty of different types of carriage fasteners. When you’re looking for specific types of industrial-grade carriage bolts, you’ll find them in our selection. We stock a comprehensive inventory of bulk carriage bolts for sale so you can always find what you need.

      What Is a Carriage Bolt Used For?

      Carriage bolts are commonly used in situations where security is of the utmost importance. For example, bulk carriage bolts are typically put to use in locks and hinges, ensuring that they cannot be turned or opened from the outside. In construction, industrial and military environments, industrial-grade carriage bolts provide the same level of performance, fastening metal to wood and other materials in a way that delivers heightened security.

      No matter what type of carriage bolts you’re looking for, and no matter how you plan to use them, you can count on getting quality when you trust the selection at Bolt Demon. Our carriage fasteners are designed to deliver the long-term performance and durability you expect.

      Why Order Carriage Bolts From Bolt Demon?

      What makes Bolt Demon your best option for industrial-grade carriage bolts? We sell 100% of our product online and in bulk, which means we’re able to offer the best prices you’ll find. You can get your bulk carriage fasteners quickly, too, when you choose Bolt Demon as your provider. Almost all of our products are available for same-day shipping, and we ship all orders that arrive before 4:30 p.m. Central on the day of receipt. Fast shipping and reliable service for large orders is our specialty.

      We also have experience working with dropshippers. If and when you need to dropship, we’ll send directly to your customers without revealing the wholesale price that we offer you. Make sure you’re getting the best carriage fasteners in bulk when you work with Bolt Demon. Explore the products available on this page and learn more about our ordering details today.