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      Bulk SEMS Screws

      Construction, military and manufacturing professionals need the highest quality fasteners that will stand the test of time. Wherever your team performs tasks, you require reliable connections across equipment and machinery. Luckily, Bolt Demon carries a vast inventory of fasteners to help you complete assignments quickly and effectively.

      No more lugging around separate washers — we carry a diverse selection of imperial and metric SEMS screws so you can get the job done right.

      What Are SEMS Screws?

      SEMS screws are fasteners that have pre-attached washers at the base of the threading. If you are responsible for building structures or fastening materials, you know how easy it is to misplace washers. Rather than handling multiple pieces, these machine screws save you time and effort with supports located just below the screw head.

      SEMS screws enhance the structural integrity of joints, surfaces and assemblies. These fasteners eliminate the guesswork of finding a compatible washer for your installation — they are pre-assembled during the manufacturing process. Washers stay in place thanks to carefully engineered threading that is slightly larger than the opening on the washer. This technology handles incredible tension and helps absorb vibration from shocks.

      Standard and Metric SEMS Screws

      Bolt Demon stocks our inventory with SEMS screws in both standard and metric head shapes. We separate ourselves from the competition with a number of washer builds to choose from, including:

      • External Tooth Washer: SEMS screws of this variety have teeth that extend outward to dig into base materials. This type of washer usually accompanies larger screw heads (round and pan).
      • Internal Tooth Washer: Fasteners with internal tooth washers have teeth angled inward. As you tighten the screw, the washer bites into base materials to resist movement. You can find internal tooth washers with smaller headed screws. The teeth remain hidden under the head when visual appeal is a priority.
      • Split Lock Washers: These pieces of hardware resist counterclockwise rotation using spring force.
      • Square Cone Washer: Using a SEMS screw with a square cone washer is ideal when base materials are fragile. This type of washer prevents stress cracks.
      • Double Washer: As the name suggests, double washer SEMS screws have two washers below the head to manage large loads.
      • Flat Washer: This configuration does not have interior or exterior grips. Flat washers are an effective choice if you plan on removing screws in the future.

      Manufacturing Applications and Installation Tips

      SEMS screws are often involved with manufacturing processes. Construction crews, military personnel and industrial workers benefit from this technology since the fasteners install through tapped holes. From automotive vehicles to electrical appliances, SEMS screws make it possible to attach pieces of metal, plastic and wood together.

      Follow this guide to installing SEMS screws using tapped holes:

      1. Locate the tapped hole in the base material.
      2. Drill a hole through the item you wish to mount if needed.
      3. Align the drilled hole over the tapped hole.
      4. Feed the screw threading into the opening.
      5. Use a socket wrench to tighten to your desired level of tension.

      Get Bulk SEMS Screws for Your Toughest Jobs

      Ready to place a bulk order for industrial-grade fasteners? With quick shipping and no BS customer service, no one caters to military and commercial projects like Bolt Demon. Order high-quality bulk screws for your toughest projects today.