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      Screws in Bulk

      Screws are the foundation of many different projects. At construction, military and industrial businesses and operations, fasteners are essential to ensure that the best results are delivered with projects of all types. That’s why it’s so important to have a source of high-quality fasteners available for purchase in bulk quantities.

      At Bolt Demon, we offer a huge selection of high-quality screws. When you’ve written out your plans and cataloged the materials needed for the work ahead, we can be your one-stop shop for attaining those materials. Don’t let your project get underway without securing the right fasteners for the job. Trust Bolt Demon as your provider of screws sold in bulk, and let your project move forward as efficiently as possible.

      Enjoy the Best Selection

      There’s nothing more frustrating than searching for a certain kind of screw of fastener and not being able to find it. At Bolt Demon, we strive to eliminate that experience by offering the best selection of bulk quantities of screws. There are three benefits to choosing our selection:

      • Diversity: We offer a wide range of screws so that you can always find what you need. In our selection, you can browse through options including concrete screws, deck screws, lag screws, drywall screws, metric screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws, self-piercing screws, self-tapping screws and more.
      • Bulk quantities: We make it easy to get the number of screws you need. Starting a large-scale project? Order a large quantity of screws. Starting a smaller project that demands specialty fasteners? Order a single carton that meets your needs.
      • Quality: You can always count on getting quality out of our selection, no matter what type of screw you’re ordering. The quality of our selection means that you’re able to complete work and deliver results that stand the test of time.

      These benefits are ready and waiting for you when you choose our selection. Start on this page by clicking on the type of screws you’re looking for, and then explore your various options within that category.

      The Best Place to Buy in Bulk

      It’s nice to have an extensive range of screws to choose from. It’s even better to be able to order bulk quantities of fasteners, especially when you work at a construction, military or industrial operation responsible for large-scale work. In many cases, our customers are ordering in bulk so that they have the massive amount of fasteners needed for an upcoming job. In other cases, they are ordering screws sold in bulk so that they can maintain inventory in-house for future and ongoing use. No matter why you need to order bulk quantities of screws, you’ll find what you need available in the amounts you’re looking for when you choose Bolt Demon.

      Your Source for Hard-to-Find Screws

      Have you been searching and searching for a type of screw that’s proving difficult to secure? At Bolt Demon, we specialize in securing specialty fasteners and difficult-to-locate sizes. Your work is too important to settle for a screw that almost gets the job done. You need fasteners that match certain specifications and that perform as needed over the long term. Our team has crafted a selection that includes a vast range of screw types and sizes. If you’re looking for something that’s truly rare, your best place to find it is through Bolt Demon.

      Our Diverse Group of Customers

      At Bolt Demon, we proudly serve a wide range of businesses and individuals. If you need an extensive range of screws available for purchase in bulk, we’re your best option. We often work with construction companies taking on large-scale projects, military installations doing construction or maintenance work, as well as industrial operations that need fasteners for ongoing updates and maintenance. These types of organizations often need bulk quantities of fasteners, and they turn to Bolt Demon as a trusted provider when selecting materials for upcoming jobs or ongoing work.

      We Make the Process Easy for You

      The Bolt Demon experience is all about ease for the customer. We provide a huge selection of screws sold in bulk so that you can quickly and easily find what you need. We strive to make every step in the customer journey as frictionless as possible so that you waste less time securing materials and spend more time doing the work that matters.

      If you’re tired of losing precious minutes and hours searching for and ordering fasteners for your upcoming jobs and work, discover the fast and streamlined customer experience available when you choose to work with Bolt Demon.

      Fast Shipping

      Once you place your order, we work to deliver your screws as quickly as possible. We have a 98% fulfillment rate, which means that almost all of our inventory is available for immediate shipping once you place your order. We guarantee same-day shipping on all orders that come in before 4:30 p.m. Central so that there’s little time lost before your materials start their journey to your front door.

      At Bolt Demon, we understand that fasteners are an essential part of your projects, and we also know that you may need them urgently when you place an order. That’s why we put in the effort to ship orders as quickly as possible in all circumstances. When you need bulk quantities of screws as quickly as possible, there’s no better place to make an order than through Bolt Demon.

      Order the Screws You Need Now

      Are you about to embark on a project that requires fasteners sold in bulk? Do you need to restock your in-house inventory of fasteners for ongoing use? Do you need to secure specialty fasteners for a niche task? At Bolt Demon, we provide the solutions you need. Discover the types of fasteners you need on this page, place your order and let us take care of the rest, fulfilling your order and shipping quickly so you get your materials fast.

      Browse our large selection of screws and place your order now! You can also learn more about our ordering policies and contact us with any questions you may have.