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      Need low-carbon fasteners in bulk for applications that involve wood and other materials? Construction companies, industrial operations and military installations often need fasteners like this — and they find them at Bolt Demon.

      Our selection includes a wide range of dock washers that are ideal for use in constructing docks and other wood structures. Our inventory is 100% online and always sold in bulk. Place your order for bulk dock washers today, or read on for more information on the solutions you’ll find at Bolt Demon.

      What Is a Dock Washer?

      Dock washers have the same general shape as a traditional washer. They are round, flat plates with holes for fastener insertion in the middle. But dock washers are a bit larger and thicker than traditional washers, and are made from materials that make them ideal for wood applications.

      Applications of Dock Washers

      Organizations often buy dock washers in bulk when working on docks or similar projects that include wood and the need for low-carbon materials. Since these fasteners are a little thicker than traditional materials, they efficiently distribute load for dock and other wood-intensive projects.

      Dock Washer Materials and Finishes

      The finish and material of your dock washer matters. At Bolt Demon, we offer hot-dipped galvanized fasteners that are known to fight back against the corrosion that can accompany exposure to water. We also offer plain fastening solutions for applications that may not need the same level of strength. At Bolt Demon, you can find the fastener made of exactly the right material you need.

      Why Order From Bolt Demon?

      When you need to buy dock washers, you’ll find the largest selection and widest range of options at Bolt Demon. You'll enjoy a streamlined customer experience and fast shipping. We know how important fasteners and other materials are to your work, and we deliver them quickly so you can move forward without delay.

      Many of our fasteners are Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliant, which means they meet high standards for quality as outlined by the Department of Defense.

      Browse Our Collection of Dock Washers in Bulk Today

      If you’re in the market for military-grade dock washers, you’ll find them at Bolt Demon. Browse to find the perfect solutions for your needs, and place your order today.