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      Bulk Metric Fasteners

      For professionals in construction, the military and industrial manufacturing, it's important to have strong, reliable fasteners at all times. When assembling equipment, building structures and heading out to job sites, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The hardware must be able to stand the test of time and handle intense loads.

      At Bolt Demon, we make ordering bulk metric fasteners fast and easy so your team is always ready for new assignments. Browse our wide selection of high-quality fasteners available in many different sizes and threading options.

      What Are Metric Fasteners?

      As the name implies, metric fasteners utilize metric measurements for sizing. Whether you need screws, bolts, nuts or washers, we've got you covered at Bolt Demon. Most of our product listings showcase measurements in millimeters for compatibility with your metric tools and machinery. Assemble heavy-duty vehicles, structural beams and more in no time with metric fasteners.

      Types of Metric Fasteners: Screws, Nuts, Bolts and More

      For your convenience, our metric fasteners are divided up by category. Sourcing the parts you need is straightforward with our organized menus for navigation. Whatever you need for your toughest jobs and applications, we've got it. Our inventory includes:

      • Metric Screws: Our metric screws work to attach two base materials together. Whether you're working with metal, wood or plastic, our products come with a number of head shapes to match your applications. Some varieties are even self tapping.
      • Metric Bolts: Place a bulk order for metric bolts that give you the reliability you need in high-stress environments. Choose between designs with fully threaded or partially threaded components.
      • Metric Nuts: Equip your fastening hardware with metric nuts that keep connections from loosening over time.
      • Metric Sockets: Use Allen wrenches and hex keys to fasten screws. Our metric sockets are useful for military fleet maintenance and other motorized vehicles.
      • Metric Standoffs: Our collection of metric standoffs are great for elevating electronic components within machines.
      • Metric Washers: Help bolts and screws support heavy loads with round spacers. Lock connections in place for optimum safety.
      • Self-Clinching Hardware: Increase torque resistance along metal surfaces.
      • Spring Pins: Withstand excess vibrations from surrounding machinery.

      Zinc and Stainless Steel Bulk Metric Fasteners

      Construction crews, military personnel and industrial companies need durable fasteners for assignments. That's why we stock our online store with screws, bolts and hardware consisting of zinc and 18-8 stainless steel materials. Our products are engineered for indoor and outdoor use with outstanding corrosion resistance for long-lasting results.

      Learn more about any of our metric fasteners by checking out the category pages. We display details regarding carton quantities, shipment weights and pricing.

      Bolt Demon: Your Bulk Metric Fastener Supplier

      Bolt Demon is your go-to source for industrial-grade hardware and fasteners. We separate ourselves from the competition with budget-friendly prices, fast as hell shipping and reliable customer service. Learn more about our ordering options and place your bulk order today.