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      Bulk Metric Sockets

      Construction and manufacturing industries require professionals to build assemblies efficiently. Experts can save time by completing projects correctly the first time. That's why Bolt Demon supplies bulk metric sockets for assignments of any size. Whether you're performing maintenance on equipment or swapping out pieces that show signs of rust and deterioration, stay prepared with sockets in various head shapes and dimensions.

      Bolt Demon is your go-to hardware supplier with warehouse locations across the United States. We can get you metric sockets in bulk in record time to keep you on track.

      What Are Metric Sockets?

      Metric sockets allow you to assemble metal fixtures and more. They are designed to fit into tapped holes using a hexagonal wrench for torque control. These fasteners are helpful in situations when using an electric drill is not an option due to stripping concerns.

      Metric sockets give you the flexibility to take assemblies apart repeatedly. They are excellent for long-term fastening or you can use them more than once after assessing condition. Tighten and loosen with the appropriate size Allen wrench for stability.

      Types of Metric Sockets

      Bolt Demon has the premium quality metric sockets you need to get the job done right. It's important to choose the screw head that sits correctly on surface materials. Our options include:

      • Socket Head Cap Screws: These socket screws contain a circular head shape with partial threading. Socket head cap screws are commonly used for clamping applications.
      • Button Head Socket Cap Screws: Socket screws of this variety have a wide head shape. After installation, button head socket cap screws sit on top of surfaces for a slightly raised appearance.
      • Flat Head Socket Cap Screws: Choose a flat head socket cap screw when countersinking is a top priority. These screws feature a cone-shaped base that sits flush within tapped holes.
      • Socket Set Screws: These products are also known as grub screws. Socket set screws are headless but still fasten in place using a hex key. Pulley systems often have socket set screws for long-term stability.

      Construction and Manufacturing Applications for Metric Sockets

      Metric sockets make it easy to inspect machines. With a few turns of an Allen wrench, you can inspect electrical components and calibration settings that are concealed behind protective doors and cases. They are recommended for lightweight loads and are involved in the following tasks:

      • Mounting commercial fuse boxes
      • Assembling furniture such as desks and chairs
      • Attaching steel panels to motorized vehicles
      • Maintaining conveyor belts

      How to Install Metric Sockets

      As long as a tapped hole is present, you can install and remove these fasteners effortlessly. Follow these steps for securing thin metals, wood, and plastic materials:

      1. Locate the tapped hole in your assembly.
      2. Align the material for mounting over the threaded hole.
      3. Make sure there is a pilot hole large enough for the screw threading to pass through.
      4. Guide the tip of the screw through the pilot hole and into the tapped hole.
      5. Use your hex key or Allen wrench to fasten the object.

      Get Metric Sockets in Bulk Today

      Bolt Demon gives your business access to the highest quality fasteners online. Enjoy having over 40,000 products at your fingertips, with super fast shipping and ordering options. Place your bulk order today!