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      Make sure you have access to the specialty fasteners you need, when you need them. At Bolt Demon, we work with construction companies, industrial operations and military installations, offering an extensive selection of specialty fasteners, including split lockwashers.

      We sell our fasteners online and in bulk only. This way, we ensure our customers enjoy the best possible prices and a streamlined customer experience. When you need split lockwashers in bulk for an upcoming project or to restock your inventory, Bolt Demon is your best source. Get your specialty fasteners now and discover more information about our selection below.

      What Is a Split Lockwasher?

      Split lockwashers can be thought of as “anti-rotation” lockwashers. They are round, just like traditional washers, but are not fully connected in a circle. The break or split in the lockwasher creates sharp edges that dig into the mounting surface to prevent any loosening or rotation.

      Applications of Split Lockwashers

      Split lockwashers are used in applications where slippage and loosening is possible over time. If fasteners will be under vibration on a regular basis, like in machine, automotive and equipment manufacturing, construction-grade split lockwashers can prevent loosening.

      Washer Materials and Finishes

      Many times, lockwashers need a certain level of corrosion-resistance and durable performance. At Bolt Demon, you’ll find a range of different materials and finishes to choose from, including zinc, black zinc, black oxide, hot-dipped galvanized, yellow zinc, stainless steel and more.

      Why Order From Bolt Demon?

      We exist to meet the large-scale needs of construction and industrial operations. We can fulfill large-quantity orders with fast shipping and a sense of urgency so your solutions arrive as quickly as possible.

      Plus, you can count on quality each time you place an order with Bolt Demon. Many of our products meet the Department of Defense’s guidelines for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliance, ensuring military-grade toughness.

      Order Bulk Split Lockwashers for Sale From Bolt Demon

      Let Bolt Demon be your trusted partner for securing fasteners of all kinds. We can deliver the fastening solutions you need in no time flat. Place your order for split lockwashers in bulk or other fasteners now, and discover just how easy it can be to get the materials you need.