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      Hex Cap Screws

      Across various industries, hex cap screws are vital to the successful completion of projects and the ongoing maintenance of facilities and machines. When you need access to bulk hex cap fasteners, you’ll find a selection at Bolt Demon that includes the following:

      By delivering various hex screw options, we’re able to ensure you can find exactly what you need for your projects or ongoing work. Trust the selection and service you’ll find at Bolt Demon when you need the best in bulk hex cap screws.

      What Is a Hex Cap Screw?

      As the name suggests, a hex cap screw includes a six-sided head for quick installation. These screws also feature a washer-style face and designs for specific machine tolerances. You can find hex cap fasteners in various materials, coatings and platings that support the applications intended by their tolerance designs. Hex cap fasteners are known for their efficient installation using a spanner torque wrench or ratchet that supports the desired tolerance.

      At Bolt Demon, we offer a range of industrial hex cap screws that can match various tolerances, including grade 8 hex cap screws. When you need access to bulk hex cap screws with multiple tolerances, we deliver with a huge selection for you to choose from.

      What Is a Hex Cap Screw Used For?

      Hex cap screws are used almost exclusively in machining and construction. Construction firms, industrial operations and military installations often need bulk stainless steel hex cap screws and hex cap fasteners of other materials in order to serve their ongoing machine and construction needs. Depending on the grade of the hex cap screws, they may be used to join wood components, build and maintain small engines and generally deliver high-tensile performance.

      The important thing, no matter the grade and application, is to find bulk hex cap screws that supply quality and performance. At Bolt Demon, we offer only hex cap screws that meet the highest standards — fasteners that can help wood components, machine parts and other applications achieve the toughness and durability needed. Count on the selection you’ll find at Bolt Demon for both toughness and long-term performance.

      Why Get Hex Cap Screws From Bolt Demon?

      Bolt Demon is your online source for hex cap screws. Because we only sell in bulk, we’re able to offer the very best prices to commercial, construction, industrial and military customers. We also fulfill orders quickly, guaranteeing same-day shipping on all orders placed before 4:30 p.m. Central. Looking for toughness and durability? We offer that, too. Many of our hex cap fasteners meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) standards, meaning you’re getting military-grade performance for your investment.

      Check out our selection of hex cap fasteners on this page, and learn more about the benefits you'll enjoy when ordering through Bolt Demon.