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      Hanger Bolts

      As the name suggests, hanger bolts are used to hang or suspend things in construction, industrial and military settings. When you need bulk hanger fasteners, Bolt Demon delivers with a huge selection that includes:

      You enjoy no shortage of options when looking for hanger fasteners. At Bolt Demon, you’ll find the best selection of hanger fasteners, the best service and the best deals when you need to purchase in bulk.

      What Is a Hanger Bolt?

      Hanger bolts are similar to dowel screws in that they have no head, but hanger bolts are used in far different applications. As the name suggests, hanger bolts are used to suspend or hang things from above. They include two different ends — one with a lag thread to insert into wood or a similar material and the other with a machine thread to hold a nut. These two ends are used in conjunction with one another to hang important components.

      Naturally, different components that need hanging or suspension will require different types of hanger fasteners. At Bolt Demon, we offer a huge selection of zinc hanger bolts, stainless steel hanger bolts and other bulk hanger bolts so that you always have access to the exact fasteners you need. When you’re looking for specific types of bulk hanger fasteners or industrial hanger bolt drives, find them in our selection.

      What Is a Hanger Bolt Used For?

      Hanger bolts can be used to hang a range of components that need hanging in commercial, construction, military and industrial spaces. Hanger fasteners are commonly used to suspend sheet metal, fixtures, electrical conduits, junction boxes and more. But there’s no shortage of applications when it comes to using hanger fasteners. The uniting characteristic is quality — no matter your operation and no matter the application, you’ll need quality hanger fasteners in order to deliver the best results.

      At Bolt Demon, we offer nothing but high-quality industrial hanger fasteners as part of our selection. Because we curate a selection of hanger fasteners that can perform durably over the long-term, we ensure that your projects reach their full potential. Get the best bulk hanger fasteners when you trust the selection at Bolt Demon.

      Why Order Hanger Bolts From Bolt Demon?

      Make sure you’re getting the best, most affordable hanger fasteners available when you choose Bolt Demon. We sell 100% of our products online and in bulk so that we can offer the very best prices. Order before 4:30 p.m. Central and we'll ship your products the same day. You can rest assured that you’re getting toughness and durability when you trust our selection. Many of our products meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) standards, which means you get military-grade performance with each purchase.

      We can help you dropship, too. We’ll package and ship hanger bolts and other fasteners to your customers without exposing the price you paid. Browse your hanger fastener options on this page and check out our ordering page for more information on why we’re your best option for hanger bolts.