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      Hex Machine Bolts

      Machining applications require parts and materials that are designed for machines. At Bolt Demon, we offer a range of hex machine bolts that are specifically created to withstand the unique pressures of use in machining. When you browse our selection of hex machine fasteners, you’ll find various sizes and specifications — including 1/4-20 machine bolts, 5/16-18 machine bolts, 3/8-16 machine bolts, 1/2-13 machine bolts, 5/8-11 machine bolts and 3/4-10 machine bolts — and you’ll discover that each of our machine bolt options are hot-dip galvanized.

      Enjoy the best selection and get the best hex machine bolts for your upcoming projects when you choose Bolt Demon as your provider.

      What Is a Hex Machine Bolt?

      Hex machine bolts are similar to hex cap screws with several slight differences. Hex machine bolts do not have a washer bearing surface underneath the head, and they are typically used in applications with lower requirements than hex cap screws. Also known as hex bolts or square bolts, hex machine fasteners are placed into tapped holes and used in tandem with nuts.

      At Bolt Demon, you always enjoy access to the industrial hex machine bolts you need for your upcoming projects. We understand that construction, industrial and military operations require specific types of fasteners for the job at hand, and we deliver with a comprehensive selection of bulk hex machine bolts for you to browse and consider.

      What Is a Hex Machine Bolt Used For?

      Construction hex machine bolts are versatile and used for a range of applications. In various cases, industrial hex machine bolts can be used to fasten metal to metal, wood to wood or even metal to wood. Hex machine fasteners can be installed using a simple wrench, and installation requires less labor-intensive care and attention, since specific tolerances are less important than when installing hex cap screws.

      You’ll still want to find high-quality products when searching for bulk hex machine fasteners, however. No matter the project at hand, we strive to offer nothing but construction hex machine bolts that can perform durably over the long-term, providing the toughness that you require from your fasteners. Count on Bolt Demon when you’re looking for high-quality hex machine bolts.

      Why Purchase Your Hex Machine Bolts Through Bolt Demon?

      The best in bulk hex machine fasteners are ready and waiting for you here at Bolt Demon. We sell 100% of our products online and in bulk so we can offer the very best in pricing, and we provide same-day shipping on all orders that come in before 4:30 p.m. Central. When you need toughness, we offer many products that meet Defense Federal Regulation Supplement (DFARS) standards, guaranteeing your military-grade performance.

      If you’re dropshipping, we can help. We ship directly to your customers without exposing the price that you paid for the product. Start exploring your many galvanized hex machine bolt and other hex machine fastener options today, and check out our ordering page for more details on the benefits of working with Bolt Demon.