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      Bulk Self Tapping Screws

      If you work in construction, military or industrial manufacturing, you demand reliable hardware for projects large and small. Self-tapping screws are a necessity if your team designs equipment builds structures or handles sheet metal. Luckily, Bolt Demon is your go-to supplier for screws, bolts, washers, and more. We make sure you have the materials you need to get the job done right.

      At Bolt Demon, we offer a wide variety of self tapping screws for attaching base materials together. Our inventory is stocked with Type A, Type AB, Type B and U Drive screws to help you complete assignments efficiently.

      What Are Self Tapping Screws?

      A self tapping screw is able to tap its own threading into base materials. They are often called "sheet metal screws" since they provide incredible strength to fasten steel, wood and plastic together. Depending on your applications, a self tapping screw may have a sharp point or a dull edge on the end of the threading for a secure connection.

      Self tapping screws require you to drill a pilot hole prior to use. If you need to bind two base materials together but only have access to one side of a surface, self tapping screws are a game-changer. Save time by keeping a large supply of these fasteners in your toolbox.

      Types of Self Tapping Screws

      Depending on your application, it's essential to choose the correct type of self tapping screw for your project. Options include:

      • Type A: This type of screw contains coarse threading and is suitable for thinner base materials. Consider these options for sheet metal and weaker wood surfaces such as plywood (.015 to .050 thick).
      • Type AB: Screws with an AB point have a higher number of threads per inch for support. These fasteners have a similar point as Type A screws but have the pitch of Type B varieties.
      • Type B: The Type B point is completely dull with threading ideal for materials up to .200 thick. Order Type B screws if your industry handles heavier sheet metals and castings.
      • U Drive: These products are meant for permanent fastening. U Drive fasteners have a round and unslotted head for visual appeal.

      Applications and Tips for Self Tapping Screws

      Our customers typically use self-tapping screws for construction and flooring. Since these products work with plywood and sheet metal, professionals use them to reinforce walls and surfaces in commercial buildings. These fasteners are compact and easy to install in tight corners and other hard-to-reach locations.

      Unsure how to place self-tapping screws? Follow these steps for a stable connection:

      1. Line up your base materials.
      2. Drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the width of the screw threading.
      3. Clear the hole of dust and debris.
      4. Equip your drill with an appropriate drill bit.
      5. Drop the self-tapping screw into the opening.
      6. Tighten until you reach your desired level of tension.

      Bolt Demon: Your Fast as Hell Self Tapping Screw Supplier

      Like what you see in our online store? Check out our ordering and shipping options and stock up on self tapping screws with a bulk order today.