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      Hex Flange & Frame Bolts

      Construction projects, industrial operations and military applications often require hex flange and frame bolts for successful completion. Where can you find bulk hex flange frame bolts? At Bolt Demon, where we offer fasteners made of stainless steel and black phosphate, as well as hex flange and frame bolts plated in zinc.

      When you need a stainless steel hex flange frame bolt or fasteners made of other materials, find the best selection for ordering in bulk when you visit Bolt Demon.

      What Are Hex Flanges and Frame Bolts?

      Hex flange screws, also called frame bolts, include a hex head and a flange just underneath the head of the bolt. The flange portion of the frame bolt eliminates the need for a washer. The flange also helps with installation in cases where the holes may be out of alignment. After installation, hex flanges are known to efficiently distribute a clamp load while also fighting against bolt slippage.

      Of course, there are many different types of hex flanges and frame bolts, and you can find a wealth of options when you choose the selection at Bolt Demon. In our inventory, you’ll find stainless steel frame bolt options and industrial hex flange frame bolts made from other materials.

      What Are Hex Flanges and Frame Bolts Used For?

      Because they assist with misaligned holes and fight back against bolt slippage, bulk hex flange frame bolts are typically used in the automotive industry. At industrial and military operations that use and maintain vehicles, industrial hex flange frame bolts are also kept in stock to assist with an array of vehicle needs. It’s essential that these operations find high-quality frame bolts for their own inventories, given how these hex flanges are typically used.

      At Bolt Demon, we offer nothing but frame bolts of the highest quality. Our fasteners are designed to perform even when used in challenging automotive and vehicle applications. Make sure you’re getting the best bulk hex flange frame bolts available when you trust the selection you’ll find at Bolt Demon.

      Why Choose Hex Flanges and Frame Bolts From Our Selection?

      When you need to buy hex flange frame bolts as quickly and affordably as possible, you won’t find a better option than Bolt Demon. We sell 100% of our products online and in bulk, which allows us to offer the best prices on the market. We even ship orders on the same day as long as they arrive before 4:30 p.m. Central. Looking for high-performing fasteners? We offer military-grade durability and toughness by providing products that meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) standards.

      We are proud to work with many dropshippers, too. If you’re selling hex flange frame bolts to your own customers, we can fulfill your orders without exposing the price you paid. Get the best products and the best service when you choose Bolt Demon for hex flange and frame bolts. Explore your options on this page, and get more information about the benefits of ordering through us.