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      Dowel Screws

      Dowel screws are unique, headless fasteners that construction companies, industrial operations and military establishments rely on for specific projects as well as ongoing usage. When you need to buy dowel fasteners in bulk, you’ll find a range of options at Bolt Demon, including:

      All our dowel fasteners are plated with zinc to ensure that you get the long-term durability and performance you need from your fasteners. Make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you choose to buy bulk dowel screws from Bolt Demon.

      What Is a Dowel Screw?

      Dowel screws are unique among other fasteners in that they have no head. In fact, construction dowel fasteners look like pins with threading along the entire shaft. The thread lags at both ends, making it possible to attach both ends of the dowel screw. Dowel fasteners are applied by inserting either end into predrilled holes or pilot holes — most often into wood.

      While most bulk dowel fasteners look similar, you can find a range of options in the selection at Bolt Demon. We offer various dowel screw sizes and specifications, so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for in our selection. When you need to buy dowel screws in bulk, make sure you find the right solution to meet your needs by shopping with Bolt Demon.

      What Are Dowel Screws Used For?

      Dowel screws are used in commercial, construction, industrial and military settings. Dowel screws are most often used when wood components need to be attached to other wood components. Either end of the threaded dowel fasteners holds a different wood component in place, fastening the two together for greater stability and staying power.

      Given the importance of dowel fasteners in providing stability during industrial-scale construction projects, it’s important to find bulk dowel fasteners that deliver durability and performance over the long-term. At Bolt Demon, we offer only high-quality dowel fasteners that will provide the stability needed, no matter the scope of a project. When you’re searching for the best construction dowel screws or industrial dowel screws in bulk, find them in our selection.

      Why Order Dowel Screws From Bolt Demon?

      When you need to buy bulk dowel fasteners online as quickly and affordably as possible, Bolt Demon delivers the products and services you’re looking for. We sell online only, and we fulfill all orders that arrive before 4:30 p.m. Central the same day. As an added bonus, most of our products meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) regulations, meaning you’re getting products of the highest quality.

      We also welcome dropshippers. We’ll ship directly to your customers without revealing the attractive, wholesale rates you’re getting from Bolt Demon. Get the best selection, the best products and the best service when you choose to work with Bolt Demon. When you need to buy dowel screws in bulk, browse our selection online and learn more about our ordering processes and details today.