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      If you run an industrial operation, construction firm or military installation, you may require access to a huge selection of washers — bulk fender washers included. You’ll find the collection of fastening solutions you need at Bolt Demon.

      We serve a wide range of companies and organizations with high-quality products, sold 100% online and in bulk. As a result, we can offer a streamlined customer experience and the best prices. Place an order now or learn more about our inventory.

      What Is a Fender Washer?

      Fender washers look like traditional washers but with one key difference — the outside diameter is much larger. This size creates a much larger bearing surface, which is helpful in some applications. A larger diameter means that the bearing load from the fastener is distributed over a greater distance.

      Applications of Fender Washers

      Since these fasteners distribute the load across a greater surface area, they are particularly helpful when fastening to thin or soft materials. In practice, fender washers are most often used in plumbing, electrical, automotive and anywhere that sheet metal is used.

      Washer Materials and Finishes

      We offer fender washers in a number of materials and finishes to make it easy to find what you need. Choose from fasteners made of or coated in zinc, stainless steel, black oxide and hot-dipped galvanized. Pick the finish and material that best meets your needs and that provides the ideal performance for your application.

      Why Choose Bolt Demon as Your Provider?

      Are you searching for fasteners that meet the highest quality standards? At Bolt Demon, many of our solutions are Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliant, which is a Department of Defense designation that indicates quality, durability and toughness. Our products deliver military-grade performance you can count on.

      At Bolt Demon, we sell in bulk and help our customers secure the large quantities of specialty fasteners they need for the work ahead. After your order is placed, we work urgently to fulfill and ship it so you get fasteners as quickly as possible. The Bolt Demon team and the products in our inventory create a reliable, trustworthy source for your fastening solutions.

      Order Your Fender Washers in Bulk Today

      Don’t panic about getting the materials needed for your next project. At Bolt Demon, you have access to an array of high-quality fastening solutions. Ready to secure the materials you need? Place your order now!